ODISSI is the one of the eight Classical Dance Forms from India. It has it its roots dating back to the second century BC, making it one of oldest of all Classical Indian Dance forms. However, it was only during the nineteen fifties, thanks to eminent Gurus of this dance form, did Odissi become popular in India and overseas. During the last few decades, Odissi has become of the most popular dance forms from India.

KALAANGAN, the Odissi School of Dance is located in Sugar Land, Texas. Kalaangan was established in 2003 as a centre of the performing arts, dedicated exclusively to Odissi, and it was the first such dance school in the Greater Houston Area.

Over the past few years, Kalaangan has emerged as the premier institution focussed on training, practising and the performance of Odissi. Smt. Supradipta Datta is the founder and Artistic Director of Kalaangan.

Individual and Group Classes are held most days of the week. Emiment Odissi Teachers visit KALAANGAN every year to conduct Workshops.

Supradipta Datta is also a faculty at the Kala Bhavan, a cultural center at the Houston Durgabari Temple. She conducts Odissi Classes at Kala Bhavan, every Saturday.