Odissi is a...

Classical dance style born in the eastern Indian region of Orissa. Though it is one of the youngest, Odissi is considered to be one of the most beautiful and graceful of the seven Indian classical dance forms (or performing art forms). It not only represents Indian culture in the world stage, it is a quintessential part of the country’s heritage. Thanks to the dedication of the performers and teachers, Odissi has gained immense popularity not only in India but across the globe.

Kalaangan was established in 2003 as a center of the performing arts, dedicated solely to Odissi. It is the first of its kind in the greater Houston (Texas, USA) area. Over the past few years, Kalaangan has emerged as the premier institute focused on training, practicing and performance of Odissi.

Kalaangan conducts regular classes for kids (over the age of 6) and adults. It also offers customized short term training classes on an ad hoc basis for dancers who would like to fine tune their skills before performing in front of an audience. Additionally, acclaimed artistes from India are invited to conduct special workshops for students, usually during the summer months. Kalaangan’s emphasis is on quality and not quantity. There is a strong emphasis on the fundamentals, and every effort is made to make sure the student masters the skills before being promoted to the next level. Classes are small and each and every student is provided personalized attention.

By exposing this rich and elegant art of Odissi to its students while preserving its purity and traditional roots, Kalaangan strives to instill a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment for every student.

Over the years, the students of Kalaangan have performed in numerous cultural events, corporate shows, state festivals, showcase events and community outreach programs, both in the US and abroad. Performance recitals by Kalaangan students are specially recognized for their grace, elegance and masterful technique.

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