Classes: Classes are held all 7 days of the week.

Students can select Individual or Group Classes.

Group Classes: To ensure that the students can be observed closely, a maximum of 8 students are allowed in a Group Class.

Minimumm Age: The minimum recommended age is 6+. Younger ages may be considered at the discretion of the teacher.

Workshops KALAANGAN also conducts short (2-5 day) workshops hosted by eminent Odissi Dance Gurus who are visiting Houston.

As with any art, there is no short cut to mastering Odissi. Every beginner starts with learning the basic Odissi steps and exercises which are essential to be trained properly in Odissi. Supradipta believes a strong foundation is essential for any good Odissi dancer. Supradipta always emphasizes Quality over Quantity. She conducts every class, and a small class size allows her to pay close attention to her students.

Supradipta also teaches Odissi Classes at Kala Bhavan, the cultural Division of the Houston Durga Bari Temple. Classes are help every Saturday except for the summer months.

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